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It all starts with a free inspection of your car or motorcycle.

We take photos, take some technical details and get a copy of the vehicles documents and yours too.

Then we go and start the process of having a Technical Report made for your car that is needed to complete the



Hassle free Spanish registrations for your car or motorcycle in Spain.

We take all the hassle out of the process to get you on the road with the correct amount of taxes paid and the correct paperwork and receipts.



Left & Right - Certain cars and motorcycles will need to have the headlights either adjusted or changed to comply with Spanish road laws. This is because headlights point in the the direction of the pavement of the country they drive in. So inn the UK the lights point to the left and in Spain the opposite way. If we left the lights they would just dazzle cars coming in the opposite direction.

There is also another European law that says if a car has one 'fog' light and one 'reverse' light at the back , then the fog light must be on the driver's side. So again this is the opposite way on UK vehicles. 

These lights can also be either adjusted or changed to comply.

Don't worry, We can take care of all of this for you



When your vehicle is inspected by the ITV station, there may be a fault or two that fails the test.

We have experts standing by to rectify any faults the vehicle may have easily and to Spanish test standards.

Nothing to worry about though as we deliberately put the vehicle through the ITV first to see the status of the vehicle.
This way we know for sure that when we represent the vehicle it will pass the test.

it's also a free retest.



Tyres fitted to a vehicle in Spain all have to be the same size, type and speed rating.

We will check these for you as part of the service.



Once your vehicle is all changed over to Spanish registration and you have all your documents and number plates fitted, you will need to insure your vehicle with a Spanish insurer.

This can be quite difficult and expensive as its all in Spanish and normally you would have to run around visiting insurance offices to get quotes. 
We take all that hassle away as we have found the very best insurers for ex pats that is fully Spanish with all the correspondence in English. They are also the cheapest we found anywhere in Spain.

As part of the service we will put you directly in touch - we are also insured with them too.



If your car or motorcycle is not in Spain and you need to transport here, we can help.

We have teamed up with two fantastic companies that transport cars and motorcycles to Spain.

Just let us know that you need to get the vehicle to Spain and we'll not only put you directly in touch with the transporters but we'll also project manage the transport to so you don't have to worry . 


Driving Licence Exchange

Once your vehicle is registered in Spain and you are a resident, you are obliged to exchange your driving licence for a Spanish version.

This has benefits as the Spanish driving licence is European and as the UK is coming out the European Union.

The process is again Spanish complicated but we at VRS are experts at this  and will fully manage the process hassle free.

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