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Registration Process



There a few steps that need to be taken to complete the import and registration process for your vehicle.

We fully manage the entire process for you from start to finish. Keeping you updated the whole way.





We will visit you and carry out a FREE full assessment of your vehicle*

We will check:

  • Vehicle documents

  • Headlights & Rear Lights

  • Tyres

  • Your Documents

We will also take photographs for the Technical Report


The ITV is just like the MOT in the UK but for import it is much more thorough.

The Technical Report is required at the time of ITV, which we will have ready.

Once complete the station will issue the correct vehicle ITV documents for your vehicle.


There are two taxes that need to be paid.

  • Registration Tax based on the vehicles value and Co2 emissions.

  • Road Tax and this is based on the area you live. 

  • Final Check of all documents.

       Traffic Office

We now visit the Spanish Vehicle Traffic Office and present your documents for approval. 

We have to make sure that all the documents are in perfectly in order or they application will be rejected.

Once approved, A new Registration Document will be issued, the ITV Card will be verified and and your vehicle is Spanish.

      Number Plates

We will then contact you with the good news and make an appointment visit you to:

  • Fit your new Spanish Number plates

  • Hand over your new Spanish vehicle documents

  • Give you a full explanation of the documents and the Spanish Laws.


We will assist to get your vehicle fully insured correctly in Spain.


We will advise on how to cancel your original vehicle insurance, tax and make sure the DVLA are correctly informed of the change.

You're all set.

Enjoy driving or riding here on the great roads in Spain.

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